The Xero outage experienced by customers happened on Tuesday, July 27 during UK daytime hours, affecting many of their customers’ ability to log into Xero for several hours. The problem has been rectified, and their service has resumed normal operations.

Xero outage 27 July 2017

Many Xero customers and partners have reached out to the company directly through their customer experience team and social media channels, and Xero teams have been working tirelessly to reply.

Xero also wants to communicate all they know about what happened with consumers as they continue their investigations into the cause.

They recognize that this was a significant inconvenience for Xero customers and had a significant impact on small companies’ and advisers’ days – therefore they want to start by apologizing to everyone who was impacted.

What happened on July 27, 2021, to cause this Xero outage?

On Tuesday, July 27th, at about 8.45 a.m. BST, Xero became aware that users were unable to log into the Xero platform.

The problem included their login platform, where a system used to store and trigger events in the login flow was not functioning as planned, resulting in customer failures and errors.

Customers and the broader community were kept informed as they investigated the problem via the Xero Status website and proactive updates to social media pages.

Their product teams worked in a controlled manner to restore their service. On Tuesday, July 27th, at about 4.30 pm BST, the service was restarted (5.30 pm SAST the same day).

After the Xero outage, what’s next?

Xero’s top objective is to ensure the stability and reliability of the Xero platform for their customers. They’re still looking into the situation to learn more about what’s going on.

Xero apologizes for the trouble this has caused its customers and partners once more.

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