Xero is essential for running your business since it is fast, easy, and powerful software. This accounting software is a comprehensive all-in-one solution for your company. Run your business effectively, organize your documents, and go digital. This accounting software uses machine learning to make your bookkeeping projects much easier and faster. It promotes the growth of small companies all around the world..

Xero is cloud-based accounting software that links individuals with the correct numbers at any moment, from any location, and on any device. Through online cooperation, accountants and bookkeepers may develop a trusting connection with small business customers. We are honoured to be assisting many subscribers throughout South Africa in transforming the way they run their businesses.

@Didiserv are @Xero Silver Partners that help clients account for their transactions in a digital way. This ensures that a business is compliant 100% of the time
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Key Features of Xero

XERO silver partner Didiserv
Didiserv | Digital Accountants are Silver Xero partners

Connect to your bank

Bank feeds import transactions directly from your bank or financial institution into your Xero organization, removing the need to manually import transactions.

Various solutions are available depending on the technical capabilities and preferences of banks and financial organizations. To link your bank account to Xero, you may use a direct, Yodlee, or PayPal feed.

Xero on your mobile

With the Xero mobile app for iOS and Android, you can run your business wherever you are. The software is free and can be downloaded from the App Store. The Xero mobile app provides quick access to your bank feed, allowing you to operate your business on the move, send invoices on the fly, reconcile bank transactions, and pay bills on time.

Schedule payments

Bills can be assigned scheduled payment dates to keep track of when you wish to pay them. This payment deadline is yours, not your supplier’s.

When you add a scheduled payment date to a bill, Xero automatically adds the payment amount and date to a Schedule of Planned Payments. This schedule allows you to keep track of impending payment amounts.

Get your bills and receipts easily into Xero

One of the most difficult tasks for small business owners is keeping their records up to date and understanding their financial condition in real time. Is there enough money in your bank this month? Which areas of the company are not profitable? Many people are seeking answers to these concerns in order to create a long-term company.

Hubdoc is Xero’s bill and receipt capturing application that assists businesses with their bookkeeping. This allows you to address these questions and develop a strategy and plan ahead of time.

Instruction accounting activities such as inputting invoices and receipts into Xero are digitized with Hubdoc and Xero, making it easier to match transactions with your bank feed and providing you a clearer perspective of how your firm is going. Hubdoc makes it simple to record invoices and receipts through email, mobile, desktop, or scanner, and save them all online in one location.

Hubdoc automatically pulls the relevant information from each statement or receipt, preparing it for copying into Xero with the original document attached. Hubdoc syncs your invoices and receipts to Xero as correctly categorized transactions that can be simply matched with your bank feed to provide you with up-to-date financials. Every reconciled transaction includes a source document that may be used to validate the data.

Connect to an existing Hubdoc organization

If you already have a Hubdoc organization, it must be linked to an eligible Xero organization in order to be included in your subscription. Sign in with your Xero credentials to access your Hubdoc dashboard directly. You don’t need to do anything to qualify if your organizations are already linked. To link your Hubdoc organization, you must have authorization to publish documents. Once your companies are linked, you may publish documents through Hubdoc and generate transactions automatically.

Add other users to your organization.

User roles establish a person’s level of access to the organization. If you have an accountant, bookkeeper, consultant, or staff, you may provide them access to your company so that they can assist you with your accounting. When adding them as users, be sure to allocate them based on their work duties.

Track time and costs

To manage time and expenditures for your business tasks, use the app. Add your Projects to your organization, and if you’d want to learn more about this product, do so as well. With all of your data safely saved and in one location, it’s simple to obtain a glimpse of how your company is doing. You may also allow your customer to use the program to check that you are properly managing their accounts.

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